Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random doodles


Goldenrod Fox said...

Love those raccoons! Hope you'll have more of them to share. ;)

marcobucci said...

the bottom page, cat with the hat is still one of my faves! I remember seeing it in your sketchbook back when you sat at your old desk. We still miss ya there, btw! And Leah is training me in guitar hero. Soon I'll be able to kick some major ass

Andrea said...

Glad you got around to posting some of those work doodles!!! The 'sketchbook scans' are cool. They are wonderful designs.

EL GRANDE said...


adam de Vries said...

thank you all for stopping by,
goldenrod as for posting more of these sketches, for sure, I got a bunch of these sketchbook drawings scattered around my desk at work,im glad you like drawing cartoony animals too

and to my pal marco ahhhhhh I miss my ol spot too but dont miss designing on that show. id much rather animate. drawing flat designs with the line tool isn't my thing I perfer more rounded designs, so im kinda glad to move into animation besides I got a big window in front of my desk so im happy,as for guitar hero my man hands cramp up from playing that, i'll just keep to mario kart.

Andrea thanks again as it was your idea to post stuff from my sketchbook even if there not finished or not clean,

el grande-Thanks for your comment

marcobucci said...


Sam Bradley said...

Hey Adam, great doodles as always man. Hope you're doing well :)